I help technical founders go from MVP to $10M in revenue.

Are you a founder with limited sales experience? Are you looking to generate your first $1M in founder-led sales? Let's chat.

My background

I'm a 30 year old British guy, with a French wife, currently living in San Francisco who loves everything to do with early stage company building.

Spendesk employee #20

I joined Spendesk just before raising our Series A. We've since grown from a $30M to $1.5B valuation 🦄 and over 500 employees.

First UK hire

As a French startup, I was the first UK hire. Brought on to launch the first of many international expansions.

$0-$1M in 18 months

Built an outbound sales playbook from scratch and led our team to $1M revenue and product-market-fit.

$30M+ Revenue

Coached global sales teams with sales methodologies and tactics that have generated over $30M in ARR.

Head of US Go-To-Market

After successfully launching the UK, I moved to the San Francisco to do it all again. We are currently building an inbound motion powered by PLG (product-led-growth) to scale to $150M+.

Fluent French

Learned to speak fluent french in under 2 years.

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"Can you audit my sales process and tell me what's stalling growth?"

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  • I'll audit your sales process in circa 5 days
  • Review 6 customer calls
  • Perform a pipeline review with active deals in your CRM
  • Define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Buyer Persona
  • Define qualification process
  • Sales tech stack review
  • Basic sales training
  • Define your hiring scorecards
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Founder-Led Sales

"Can you teach me sales so I can generate my first $1M in revenue?"

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  • 6x two hour coaching sessions
  • Cold calling + prospecting
  • Discovery + qualification methodologies
  • Stakeholder management and key decision makers (KDMs)
  • Objection handling like a pro
  • Mastering the demo
  • Storytelling: pitch + positioning
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