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I'm a revenue leader in B2B SaaS. On my website you'll find:

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In my spare time, I help technical founders go from MVP to $10M. If you're looking to get your first 100 customers and want to learn more about go-to-market advisory click on "startup consulting" in the menu.


I help technical founders go from MVP to $10M revenue.

After graduating from University I joined Bloomberg. A 20.000 employee company, selling software to banks and hedge funds. Three years later, I quit. Don't get me wrong. Finance is cool. Banks and hedge funds are cool. But 20,000 people, a monopoly over the market and defensive sales strategy... not so cool.

It was time to jump into the crazy world of startups.

Three weeks after I quit, I packed my bags and moved to Paris. I didn't speak a word of French and didn't have a job either, but I needed a real challenge. The hunt for a job began. With a stroke of luck, I came across Spendesk. A B2B FinTech SaaS that was getting started. Spendesk hired me as the 20th employee, and first native english speaker in the company. Two months later they announced their Series A. My job was to launch the UK market, get product-market fit and build the business. Within 18 months we grew from $0 to $1M in revenue.

I was hooked.

Spendesk continued to grow at 300% each year, but soon I had to make a choice. Stay in the UK and scale the business, or move to the US and lead another global expansion. What to do 🤔. You guessed it. I packed my bags and flew to San Francisco. I touched down on March 6th 2020. One week later, COVID arrived. Lockdown happened. And the following year suddenly flipped from an exciting adventure into a scary nightmare. With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears we persevered. Spendesk continued to grow.

Spendesk's valuation when I joined was $30M. Today, we're worth over $1.5bn. 🦄

My goal in the US is to expand Spendesk's global footprint and scale the business to over $100M ARR. In Europe we grew to unicorn status by using outbound sales. In the US we're building a product-led motion (PLG) to take us to the next level. Over the years I've interviewed hundreds of people. Hired a few of them. Learned from all of them. And continue to grow every day. Now it's time to share what I've learned and pay it forward.

Today, I help technical founders with limited sales experience build their first sales engine.

From MVP to $10M.


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