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Alfie Marsh

Head of US GTM @ Spendesk

After working for three years in a corporate stuffy job in a large financial institution I decided to quit and join the startup world. I was hired as employee #20 for a B2B FinTech startup called Spendesk where I oversaw two go-to-market motions. One for the UK market, growing it from $0-$1M in ARR and getting it off the ground post-PMF, and now I'm launching Spendesk in the US. I love writing and talking about GTM strategy. Writing helps me articulate my thoughts, share my learnings with others, and meet new people. You can find me sharing my thoughts on Twitter, LinkedIn, my weekly newsletter, and the occasional video or podcast.

What is go-to-market strategy?

Building great product is now cheaper and easier than ever. The time it takes to ship product has dramatically decreased, eroding it's effectiveness as a strategic moat. Increased competition has also driven up customer acquisition costs and distribution channels are often saturated. Acquiring customers and standing out is now harder than ever. The race is on to build an innovative go-to-market strategy and acquire customers more effectively than the competition. The question is... will you be left behind?

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